Granulated Glass has started a campaign - the 'Peel-Good Factor' - to persuade all glass container and label manufacturers to make their labels easier and more satisfying to remove - in order to encourage consumers to remove all labels from bottles and jars when recycling. Having cleaner feedstock could help the glass re-processing industry save on energy costs and CO₂ emissions, by reducing the need for burning or washing the glass whilst it is being re-processed. It would also reduce the amount of paper-contaminated glass which goes into low-value aggregates.

Having easy peel labels would encourage people to recycle more by a) making it easier and more satisfying to produce clean bottles for recycling and b) provide anonymity easily. People don't always want others to see what brands they've used and if the labels are hard to remove they are more reluctant to recycle. Easy peel labels are already available and most existing labels could be adapted quite easily, plus the labels could also be recycled as paper or plastic as appropriate.

Granulated Glass is currently collecting data from Glass re-processors in the UK about energy costs and CO₂ emissions to calculate the potential savings from removing labels and would like to start a discussion with label manufacturers and other interested parties about how easy or difficult it would be to change labels types. If the industry made a concerted effort to work together it could re-invigorate glass recycling significantly, increasing the amount of glass being recycled, producing cleaner cullet, boosting consumer satisfaction and improving the glass industry's 'green credentials'  enormously.

Peel Good Factor         

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