Welcome to Granulated Glass

We are a specialist glass recycling company based in Middlesbrough, in the north east of England. We supply granulated recycled glass for a variety of applications; grit-blasting, water filtration, internal and external flooring, paint filler etc.

We are pleased to confirm that G Blast has now been used in several restoration projects and G Filter has been successfully installed in pools and spas all over the country, including the Marriott Hotel at Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport

We supply G Blast and G Filter in 25kg and 1 tonne bags.

Our premium products, G Clear and G Blue, are available bagged in a range of sizes and weights - according to availability. Please click on G Clear icon to purchase online

Granulated Glass has now created a new company, Granulated Glass Products CIC to make high quality recycled glass products. It has installed a new manufacturing facility at Cannon Park Middlesbrough.

The new company will be part of the new community hub at Punch Street. Working in conjunction with Rebuild North East and St Vincent de Paul, it will be providing training and employment in the Middlesbrough area

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